2019/2020 Esko Hockey Registration

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2019/2020 Esko Hockey Registration

Welcome! Please fill out all necessary fields below. Registration will begin with USA Hockey. Please click on link to open USA Hockey page and register player or visit www.usahockey.com. Please note that you will need to copy your USA Hockey ID # to paste in required field and you do not need to hit verify. USA Hockey fees total $50 if your player has a birth year of 2012 or older and will require a credit/debit card. Any birth year of 2013 and younger will register with USA Hockey for free. Esko Hockey first year players are free and returning players are $200 ($175 at registration dates with completed registration) or a $400 family cap. Returning MiniMites are $75 ( $50 on registration dates). Payments to Esko Hockey are done offline to a board member or at designated registration dates with completed paper work for discount

If you do not have a current 2020-2021 USA Hockey confirmation number, you must first register for one at USAHockey.com: https://www.usahockeyregistration.com/login_input.action

Provided email addresses will receive updates and notices throughout the year…

Level Of Play Information

Currently, all first year kindergarten age and younger players will begin at the Mini Mite level. All FIRST year 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders will start in Mite 1’s. Coaches will move first year players with parental approval after practice has begun if necessary.

MiniMite Players must be 4 before July 1 of this year in order to play.

RETURNING players:
All 1st graders and younger will attend Mite 1 practice.
Coaches will meet to gauge players Mite levels and move players as needed the first few weeks of practice. (USA Hockey ADM and Minnesota Development Model does not recommend a player move levels too early)

Please read

All first year free players (no registration fee to Esko Hockey) are required to sell one book of raffle tickets per free players. The book of tickets can be bought at time of raffle distribution or sold tickets can be returned at collection. Non-compliance will generate a $100 assessment and player will not skate until resolved.

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